Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear dad...

Your presence brought us joy abound,
in silence you made us feel you were around.

The comfort you gave, made us merry all times,
I wish you were still here with us,
To delight and smile in joyous times.

All the things you loved to do,
watch news, movies, eat and spend family time,
will always remind us of you,
No matter what the occasion is,
you will always be in our memories.

Over the years we grew up to know you,
you did your bit in letting us know,
that you are there to remind us of,
the little things that we forget atimes.

You were special in your own way,
each time we got together in laugh and play,
Your humor always had us laughing loud,
that even today we recall and count.

Your memories make us cheer up in glee,
only to realize things will no longer be,
the same as we used to see.

You were always there through the ups and downs,
no matter how much we smiled or frowned,
why did you leave when the going was smooth,
did you feel your duty was complete?

I wish I wish I wish you were still here,
and lived longer till you were older,
and seen more joys and more good times together,
no matter what I wish you were still here,
and now I miss you more than ever!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to be wealthy??

Yesterday I was watching NDTV Good Times and happened to watch an interview with Vinod Sethi, ex-Morgan Stanley CIO and founder of NY based private equity firm, Sethi Capital Inc. with an ambitious target of investing in tomorrow's companies. Sethi identifies potential Narayana Murthys, Premjis, Munjals, and Sekhsarias-early, and invests in their companies. I also read up a little on his life and passions. Sethi has an excellent track record in his academic and professional life, besides that he does Kung Fu (his latest passion), yoga reading and what not. Sethi struck me as a niche professional unlike our CEO role models, who are all-rounders, who leveraged on his expertise in Finance to the fullest. He holds the ability to identify potential trend-setters, which I believe is a rare quality, as the most of us run after those who have already established themselves. But who can tell today, as to who are those potential future role models! These guys have some foresight...

The interview featured around getting his opinion on what he thought of how certain people today are wealthy in every way. Why are some people at the top in whatever they do? Why are they more wealthy than the others? What are those traits that such a person possess that gets them above the rest of us? I was appalled by his answers, not because they were brilliant or mind-blowing, but for the fact that they were so simple, practical and basic. Most often we want great people to say things that will sweep us off our feet, but more often than none, it is these people who give you the simplest of answers that seem workable! After raving about his simplicity and pragmatism let me list a few things he said to sum all this up...

1. Be focussed in life and your career.
2. Identify your potential and do what you do best, to the best of your abilities.
3. While you are doing what you do best, don't bother about the results or the wealth you could potentially earn if you do it. He said wealth just comes by when you do what you are best at!!

Some qualities that he thinks all great wealthy people possess are:
1. They are all mavericks ( i believe this)
2. Their conviction in what they do and believe, drives them all the time
3. They give away what they earn and wealth flows back to them (amazing)
4. They are all early-risers (this one got me thinking :P) he said this gives them time to have time for themselves, plan their day ahead of time, hence have more time to themselves. (makes sense does it)
5. Finally, he said they have great integrity!!

Great pieces of advise, and seems that's all so simple, but isn't it a lot?? Feel like am going insane reading this list....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Making things happen...

I often wonder why situations turn the way they do. Things you don't want to happen, end up happening and changing lots of things thereafter. Then you hear so many things like, 'it happened for good'. On the other hand such sayings are contradictory when others tell you 'Don't blame circumstances for what happened to you, you are the maker of you destiny.' Somehow i find this statement more convincing and positive than the former. It is true that you can make your destiny if you try and don't give up on things saying stuff like 'it was for good'. This may provide a quick but temporary relief and get you unstressed for the moment and on a positive note, help you focus on other important things and spending time on yourself. Look forward to new opportunities, greener pastures, meeting new friends, exploring new avenues.....

But given all this, are you sure that some years later down the line, you won't get a feeling that you did not try hard enough to get what you wanted, or you were lazy to try all odds, or you were just scared of the outcome and didn't have the nerve to hold on??? When do you actually know when a situation is not worth fighting for, is my question? Does everything have to end only because it is in bad taste? Am still thinking...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No strings attached!

With this blog i look forward to drifting away with my thoughts, experiences, and have no goals attached. Explore the world and new possibilities, new opportunities, new dreams a new way of doing things as life is getting mundane.... So let me 'go with the flow' and see how things turn...