Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear dad...

Your presence brought us joy abound,
in silence you made us feel you were around.

The comfort you gave, made us merry all times,
I wish you were still here with us,
To delight and smile in joyous times.

All the things you loved to do,
watch news, movies, eat and spend family time,
will always remind us of you,
No matter what the occasion is,
you will always be in our memories.

Over the years we grew up to know you,
you did your bit in letting us know,
that you are there to remind us of,
the little things that we forget atimes.

You were special in your own way,
each time we got together in laugh and play,
Your humor always had us laughing loud,
that even today we recall and count.

Your memories make us cheer up in glee,
only to realize things will no longer be,
the same as we used to see.

You were always there through the ups and downs,
no matter how much we smiled or frowned,
why did you leave when the going was smooth,
did you feel your duty was complete?

I wish I wish I wish you were still here,
and lived longer till you were older,
and seen more joys and more good times together,
no matter what I wish you were still here,
and now I miss you more than ever!